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Historical Revenue, Budget and Spending

In July of 2014, West Virginia implemented a statewide enterprise resource planning system, wvOASIS. Revenue, budget and spending information prior to fiscal year 2015 is provided here for historical purposes only.

Revenue Collection

Revenues collected for State Government operations are deposited into various funds as provided by statute and the Constitution. Many of these funds are dedicated for specific purposes.

General Revenue Fund
Highway Fund
Federal Fund
Special Revenue Fund
Total Revenues


The following appropriations consists of several funding types such as general revenue, special revenue, state road fund, lottery and federal revenue. All appropriations are passed annually in the budget act by the WV Legislature.

Budget by Fiscal Year
Budget by Agency


Expenditures presented in this section are detailed to show state agency spending by category. Revenue sources for expenditures may include general, special and/or federal funds.

Spending by Agency
Spending by Category
Payments to Vendors